Dolphin Proteus DX3 Robotic Pool Vacuum Cleaner All Pools up to 33 FT - Wall Climbing Scrubber Brush

Sale price$499.99
Size: Dx5I
  • WALL-SCRUBBING POWER: Dolphin Proteus DX3 climbs walls efficiently, ensuring thorough cleaning on any pool surface, no matter the shape or surface type.
  • ACTIVE SCRUBBING: Elevate your pool maintenance with the Dolphin Proteus DX3 - active scrubbing brush eliminates manual effort, guaranteeing a pristine pool. Gentle on surfaces, tough on debris.
  • EASY FILTER CARE: Effortlessly maintain a clear pool with our user-friendly top-load filter basket. Easily remove debris for crystal-clear water, enhancing your swimming experience.
  • PLUG-AND-PLAY EFFICIENCY: Make pool cleaning a breeze with our simple plug-and-play system. Just plug in, drop into the pool, and power on for a spotless pool in 2 hours.
  • THE DOLPHIN LEGACY: Over 40 years of effortless cleaning with unmatched performance, durability, and cost savings. Enjoy your pool, hassle-free!

Product Description

Wall Climbing Capability.

Provides an ultimate clean by scrubbing your pool floor and walls.

Ideal for all pools!

An ultimate clean no matter your pool shape or surface type.

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Pool Size
Up to 33 ft. Up to 50 ft. Up to 50 ft. Up to 30 ft.
Pool Type
In-Ground In-Ground In-Ground Above or In-Ground
Waterline Cleaning
Filter Type
Large Basket Extra Large Basket Extra Large Basket Large Basket
Cleaning Time
2 hours 1 hour, 2 hours 2 hours 1.5 hours
Weekly Timer
Cycle Selector
Smart Phone Connected