Dolphin Cayman Robotic Pool Cleaner (2024 Model) — Weekly Timer, Wall Climbing, Top-Load Filter Bin, Hyperbrush — for Pools up to 33Ft

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  • Effortless operation. Easy-to-use, light weight in-ground robotic pool cleaner with a 2 year limited quality assurance, ideal for pools up to 33 feet.
  • Cleaning made convenient. Schedule the Cayman to automatically clean your pool each week using the 3 settings- every day, every other day, or every 3rd day
  • Intelligent clean. CleverClean Technology scans your swimming pool and uses advanced algorithms to efficiently clean your pool’s floor and walls without letting obstacles get in the way.
  • Dirt doesn’t stand a chance. Single, active brushing scrubs away the toughest, stuck-on-surface contaminants. The large, top loading filter basket traps and locks-in large leaves and debris, leaving your swimming pool sparkling clean in just 2 hours
  • No hoses or booster pump required. The Cayman is 8X more energy efficient than suction and pressure cleaners, saving you energy with every pool cleaning.

Product Description

Oversized Top Load Filter

With its top-access filter compartment, simply lift the Cayman’s top hatch and grab the handle for easy removal and routine filter clean up. Cleaning has never been faster or easier.

Climbs and Cleans the Pool Wall

Serious tracks mean no more lost traction or wasted energy. Dolphin’s engineers hold themselves to the highest standards of efficiency. This revolutionary step forward delivers the most effective traction.

Attacks Algae & Biofilm

For stubborn, stuck-on contaminants, traditional pool cleaners just don’t cut it. That’s why the engineers at Dolphin developed the HyperBrush. Dislodge stubborn contaminants with ease.

Just Say When

With the built in Smart Weekly Timer, now you can control when your robot operates without lifting a finger. Setting your robot to run only when need is key to energy efficiency.

Ergonomic Design

Weighing in at only 14 lbs, Cayman is up to 30% lighter than old style robotic pool cleaners. Designed to be easy to handle, efficient, and capable of delivering a new level of clean.

Ultra Energy Efficient

Powering the new Cayman are dual 24-volt DC motors designed to slash energy costs. Traditional robots can use up to 1800 watts of power, but Cayman delivers a deep clean at 90% less energy use.

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Pool Size Up to 33 ft. Up to 50 ft. Up to 50 ft. Up to 50 ft. Up to 30 ft.
Pool Type In-Ground In-Ground In-Ground In-Ground Above or In-Ground
Waterline Cleaning
Filter Type Large Basket Extra Large Basket Bottom Load Filter Bag & Panels Extra Large Panels Large Basket
Cleaning Time 2 hours 2 hours 2.5 hours 3 hours 1.5 hours
Weekly Timer
Full Filter Indicator
Smart Phone Connected