Blue Wave NE1149 Premium Stainless Steel Reverse Bend In-Pool Ladder for above Ground Pools

Sale price$499.99
  • ERGONOMIC HANDRAILS - This reverse-bend ladder has curved, ergonomic handrails so your body weight shifts forward instead of remaining vertical. The handrails extend up to 36-in above the deck making entering and exiting a pool much easier and safer.
  • STABILITY AND SAFETY - Non-skid, 3-in deep, steel treads improve stability and provide a safe transition in and out of your above-ground pool. Two stainless-steel handrails ensure durability and longevity. 225-lb weight capacity.
  • FITS MULTIPLE SIZES - Designed to fit above-ground pools up to 54-in deep with sloped bottoms. Mounts easily to any deck with included aluminum flanges and stainless-steel hardware. Please note: this step should not be used with inflatable or soft-sided pools.
  • SWIVELING STAIR TREAD - A pivoting, resin bottom tread swivels to accommodate sloped pool bottoms preventing friction between the resin step and the pool’s vinyl liner.
  • 1-YEAR WARRANTY - The manufacturer warrants this ladder to be free from defects in workmanship and materials, under normal residential use and conditions, for a period of one year. Not for use in saltwater pools.

Taller rails ease your exit from the pool with this great new design. Ergonomically shaped handrails shift your body's weight forward making exiting and entering the pool much easier. Normal handrails force you to remain completely vertical, hindering your ability to exit or enter the pool. With handrails that extend up to a full 36" above the deck, you'll also have more support without bending over and straining your back. Our Premium Stainless Steel Reverse Band Ladder has 19" wide stainless steel treads with non-skid, 5" deep steps for secure footing. Designed to fit pools from 48" to 54" deep, this stainless steel ladder is super strong and will easily accommodate 300 lbs. The unique pivot bottom accommodates sloped pool bottoms. Two premium quality aluminum flanges and stainless steel hardware are included for secure deck mounting. 1-Year Warranty.