Blue Wave Belize 24-Feet round 52-Inch Deep 6-Inch Top Rail Metal Wall Swimming Pool Package

Sale price$499.99
  • Steel-walled, above-ground, swimming-pool kit for fun, safe recreational use
  • Includes liner, pump and sand filter system, A-frame entry ladder, and wide-mouth skimmer
  • Star Galfan galvanization coating gives the pool superb corrosion protection
  • Easy to install: detailed instruction manual included
  • Available in both round and oval shapes and in 48- or 52-inch depths
  • 24ft round, 52in deep above-ground pool
  • Comes with liner and A-frame ladder
  • Skimmer, pump and filter included
  • Protected by the Star Galfin Galvanization Process
  • Easy to install

Product Description

Give your family years of fun in the sun with the Belize Above-Ground Pool. Durable 6-in steel top rails and uprights give the pool a sleek modern look. Rugged top caps are crafted from resin for the ultimate defense against corrosion. Designed to look as good ten years from now as it does today, the Belize will not chip, fade, rust, or peel. An instruction manual is included with each pool for simple, do-it-yourself installation. Includes an overlap standard-gauge liner, skimmer, filter system, ladder, and maintenance kit. Backed by a 15-year limited warranty.

Swim Time Belize Pool Package

The Swim Time Belize pool packages are designed to give you the ideal experience in an entry-level, steel-walled, above-ground pool kit with upgraded features seen on high-end swimming pools. Belize pools provide a perfect setting for safe recreational activities including water sports, pool parties, aqua exercise, swimming lessons, or just spending an afternoon relaxing on a pool float.

The Belize series is available in both round and oval shapes, in 48- or 52-inch depths, and numerous sizes to accommodate almost any backyard or personal preference. This quality steel-walled, above-ground pool package includes many upgraded features that promise to complete your backyard oasis and bring years of enjoyment to your family and friends.

Available in both round and oval shapes (oval pool shown). Multiple layers of protection insure many years of rust- and corrosion-free operation.
Superior Material Components

The proprietary Star Galfan galvanization coating gives the Belize series pools superb corrosion protection for years of extended pool use.

The Belize pool has an outer 6-inch frame consisting of mineral dipped steel components yielding iron-clad protection against rust and deterioration. Protecting the top rail frame assembly are attractively styled two-piece fiber reinforced resin top caps that lock into the framework construction to further the pool's durability. The 6-inch vertical supports are shaped and crafted to provide a resilient base for the top rail and help differentiate the pool from industry look-a-likes.

Within the Belize frame, the pool wall has been fabricated with special attention given to material integrity while maintaining a lightweight construction for easy installation. This rolled steel wall sits in the framework's bottom track. It undergoes an eight-stage process consisting of multiple cleaning cycles and protective additions, including the Star Galfan galvanization coating, to ensure product longevity and customer satisfaction.

The Belize pool hardware is also specially designed to make assembly easier. Its 3/4-inch metal screws are zinc coated to help prevent corrosion and have enlarged heads to easily accommodate industry-standard screwdrivers and drill bits.

The combination of these upgraded pool components make the Belize series stand supreme within the entry-level pool packages on the market and promises years of safe, secure, family backyard fun.

Swim Time Belize Pool Package:
  • Multi-layer steel construction with special attention given to rust and corrosion resistance
  • Accessory package ensures your pool installation is swim-ready in no time
  • Comprehensive instructions for worry-free assembly
  • Wide variety of shapes, sizes, and depths to suit almost any customer
  • Perfect blend of quality and price creates maximum customer satisfaction

Ease of Installation

Whether you choose a round- or an oval-shaped pool, simplicity of installation has been achieved with the Belize pool package. While some site preparation is needed to build your pool, the Belize is designed to make assembly stress free. Components have been designed that are lightweight and easy to fasten together--a key advantage during the installation process.

Coupled with this is a comprehensive instruction manual. This manual gives a detailed description of not only how to assemble the pool and make it ready for swimming, but how to prepare the site to ensure setup is completed correctly. It also gives an inclusive list of all tools that you will need to have on hand to complete the project.

Complete Accessories

When purchasing an above-ground swimming pool, accessories are required to complete the pool setup. The Belize pool package has been crafted to include all the necessary major accessories to save you time and money in your purchase.

Your Belize pool package contains a correctly sized Blue liner, a 1 or 1.5 horsepower pump and sand filter system, a rugged A-frame entry ladder, and a wide-mouth skimmer. These included items offer you a competitive advantage as it ships together as one package so the pool can be installed and setup without other major pool accessory purchases.

The high-performance sand-filter system will keep your pool crystal clear and deliver years of trouble-free operation. Constructed of durable polyethylene, it is weather and corrosion proof. Choose between a 1 or 1.5 HP pump depending on pool size.

Made from maintenance-free resin, this A-frame ladder has the durability you want with child-proof safety features you need, plus wide, non-skid platform and treads for secure footing.

Specifically sized to fit your pool, the premium Blue liner is constructed of standard-gauge vinyl and strong double-welded seams to outlast others and maintain its beautiful appearance for years.

Powerful surface skimmer for maximum water circulation: removes leaves, bugs, and debris from your pool before it sinks to the pool floor.

Choose the Swim Time Pool Package That's Right For You

Depth 48" & 52" 48" & 52" 52" 52" 54" Shape Round Only Round & Oval Round & Oval Round & Oval Round & Oval Construction Steel Wall Steel Wall Steel Wall Steel Wall Steel Wall Top Rail 1" Steel 6" Steel 7" Steel 8" Steel 8" Resin Upright Support 2" Steel 6" Steel 7" Steel 8" Steel 8" Steel Buttress Free Supports (Ovals) N/A No No No Yes Skimmer Type Standard Widemouth Widemouth Widemouth Widemouth Filter System Sand Sand Sand Sand Sand Pump Size 1/2 HP 1 or 1.5 HP 1 or 1.5 HP 1 or 1.5 HP 1 or 1.5 HP A-Frame Ladder Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Anti-Rust Protective Coating Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Liner Blue Blue Blue Blue Grand Tile Assembly Time 4 hours 5 hours 6 hours 6 hours 6 hours